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Given the many ins and outs of the healthcare industry, it can often be a challenge to effectively present the overload of information. Using the latest in research and trends, Blue Cottage team members develop infographics with visuals and content that quickly and clearly answer complex issues in healthcare. Below is a listing of infographics recently created by Blue Cottage team members.
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Sequestor: Impacts on Healthcare

With the government-wide spending cuts known as the sequester underway since March 1, 2013, members of the Blue Cottage team recently prepared an infographic that illustrates the impact the cuts will have on healthcare. The sequester adds to the urgency to transform healthcare, which is what industry leadership needs to commit to across the board.

Infographic Credits: Caylee Raber; Imen Alem, MHSA; and Christine M. Stead, MHSA

Sequestor: Impacts on Healthcare