Aida Mustafa
Healthcare Analyst

Aida recognizes that the challenge to provide affordable, quality care has an impact on everyone in the healthcare industry. She is determined to apply her strong research and analysis skill-sets to lead health systems to more efficient and better patient care. Aida works with project teams and multi-disciplinary user groups to actively listen, note the important criteria, set a visual representation of the problems needed to be solved, and communicate respectively with the group to create a solution. She is interested in working with like-minded organizations with an aim towards closing the gap between health inequalities in their communities. Before joining Blue Cottage, Aida interned at AlbaLuxe and held assistant positions at University of Michigan’s School of Public Health and School of Pharmacology. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree from University of Michigan. 

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This gripping drama is filled with entertaining sarcastic humor. The contrasting characters are at war with their inner demons which represent the struggles most of us go through. It is a very thought provoking book. … – Read More –

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Although this book is short, it is powerful in its message. It gives quick inspiration to deal respectfully and gracefully in daily situations. — Aida Mustafa

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Hosseini has the artistic ability to convey a multitude of emotions in a single sentence. This book shows the strong bonds of friendship, love, and faith while giving an inside look into a country torn … – Read More –

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