Anna Simpson
Healthcare Analyst

Anna comes to Blue Cottage with a passion for patient-centered healthcare. She is dedicated to making a genuine impact on the accessibility and quality of care, especially in historically underserved communities. Anna’s focus on healthcare administration derived from witnessing emerging issues within healthcare systems. Driven by the opportunity to perform meaningful work, she uses her critical thinking skills to address issues with creative and unique solutions. Before joining Blue Cottage, Anna worked for the Hematology/Oncology department at the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center in Ann Arbor, MI, where her role included formulating and implementing several operational improvements. Prior to her work in Hematology/Oncology, Anna worked in inpatient psychiatry at the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center, providing compassionate and complex psychiatric care to patients with multiple diagnoses, and coaching patients to establish positive coping mechanisms to help them reach treatment goals. She also worked at Eisenhower Center and was responsible for assessing and assisting in the rehabilitation of dual-diagnosis traumatic brain injury patients. Anna received her Bachelor of Arts in Health Policy Studies with a concentration in Health Disparities and Barriers to Access from the University of Michigan.

Anna's Latest Entries

Members of the Blue Cottage team recently prepared an infographic for the European Healthcare Design 2018 Congress & Exhibition demonstrating how although educational opportunities have expanded to meet demand through professional societies, industry round tables, – Learn More –


Attending from Blue Cottage will be Juliet Rogers. Posters linked below were co-authored by Juliet and will be on display for “Availability of Health Facility Design & Research Curriculum Opportunities in U.S. Universities: A Survey of – Learn More –

Reading List

I grew up on these books and they taught me about the value of friendship and teamwork, and how when people work together they can conquer anything. — Anna Simpson Source: Amazon

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