Danielle Fries, MPH
Healthcare Consultant

Danielle is dedicated to creating change and improving not only the patient experience, but the entire healthcare experience. A comprehensive background in technical science and mathematics drew Danielle to strategic and operational planning. She enjoys taking a complex problem and developing organizational strategies or future state operational implementations to improve the patient experience. Danielle guides problem solving through diagramming and visual problem solving. She works with user groups to tackle problems by breaking issues up into smaller facets and tackling each subset of a problem head on. Before joining Blue Cottage, Danielle was a graduate research assistant at Yokel Lab, University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. She also held several research and project management positions at University of Michigan, NSF International, Office of Environmental Health and Hazard Assessment, and University of California, Davis. Danielle earned a Master of Public Health and Environmental Health Services degree from the University of Michigan and she earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Toxicology degree from University of California, Davis. She is the Secretary of American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Kentucky Student Chapter.  

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