Emily Tempels, MHSA
Senior Healthcare Consultant

Emily holds a boundless dedication to improving the patient and provider experience through her role as a senior healthcare consultant. With patient access as a core focus, Emily strives to develop pathways that help patients and families most easily reach providers of their choice and help front line staff and providers find the best way to provide exceptional care. She is inspired by clients who are engaged and focused on fulfilling their patients’ needs; those who are open to the idea of reimagining care for their system beyond their current conventions. She is passionate about pushing the boundaries of the healthcare industry beyond the status quo and aspires to find gratifying ways for providers, patients, and families to interact throughout the care continuum. Prior to joining Blue Cottage, Emily served as a Director of Operations for UCHealth, an academic and community health system based in Denver, Colorado. Emily received her MHSA in Health Management and Policy and BA degrees in both Economics and Sociology from the University of Michigan.

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