Kevin Allard, MBA
Senior Healthcare Consultant

Kevin is passionate about helping healthcare organizations transform their strategies to provide high quality and affordable care to their customers. He seeks out engagements where he can provide a lasting impact for the organizations providing care, patients in the system, and the overall health and wellness of the community. Stemming from his most recent experiences, Kevin is interested in working with organizations looking to navigate the changing healthcare environment and define successful strategic opportunities for both the providers and the customers they serve. He works with an array of user groups at complex healthcare systems to clearly define issues at hand, collect and clearly organize available information, discuss possible paths to a solution, and actively look for potential flaws to determine the best path forward. Before joining Blue Cottage, Kevin was a Principal Research Scientist for U.S. Discovery Services at Essen Bioscience and a Senior Associate Scientist of CNS Pharmacology at Pfizer Global Research and Development. He received his Master of Business Administration and his Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Michigan.

Kevin's Latest Entries

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