Radhey Raval, MHA
Healthcare Consultant

Radhey can’t remember a time when healthcare was not an interest. But when access to safe, quality care became personal, it became a passion. Radhey has sought a career in the healthcare industry seeking to help individuals and organizations bridge the gap between providers and patients. She appreciates the challenge present in healthcare consulting to apply critical thinking in problem solving. Radhey enjoys working with teams to figure out and optimize processes that underlie systems to enhance functionality, experience and outcomes. Through communication and transparency, Radhey looks to build collaboration and connectivity which leads to better solutions. Prior to joining Blue Cottage, she was Portfolio Management Consultant for Product Development at American Medical Association. She was also a Senior Analyst at Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) and provided clinical analysis and assistance for Oakland University Optics Lab, Henry Ford Hospital, University of Michigan Kent Berridge Research Team, and Oak Park Hospital. Radhey received her Master in Healthcare Administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago, her Post-Baccalaureate from Oakland University, and her Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan.

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