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We are thrilled to share that Blue Cottage Consulting has joined CannonDesign, creating an unparalleled continuum of service to bring expertise, innovation, and bold collaboration to the greatest challenges in health, healthcare and education.
Led by Juliet L. Rogers, PhD, MPH, Blue Cottage is a distinguished consultancy known for creativity, practical innovation, and its robust portfolio of experience working with the leading health systems and academic medical centers in North America. Its consultants and strategists work with organizational leaders to define their ideal futures and plan processes, organizational strategies, and facilities that make those futures a reality, instead of simply – Read More –


The “Internet of Things” is coming. If you had asked me a few years ago what that meant, I would have had no idea. It sounded to me like a futuristic sci-fi fantasy world, but the more I’ve learned about it, the more intrigued I’ve become about what it means for our future. It’s going to impact every industry that exists, and likely create new industries that we can’t even anticipate yet. In this blog, I explore what the “Internet of Things” actually is, and how health systems should be envisioning themselves as a part of this future.
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Imagine if you will, it is Saturday evening at about 7:00 pm when the trauma radio pipes up with an announcement:

“Class 1 trauma: 56 year old male involved in a roll over motor vehicle crash, ejected from the vehicle, has a left leg deformity,” says the dispatcher. “Blood pressure is 86/48, heart rate 128. Patient was unconscious at the scene and intubated. ETA via air ambulance is 10 minutes.”
The trauma team mobilizes and prepares for the patient’s arrival. Simultaneous notification for all players on the trauma team sets activities in motion: the OR preps a room, anesthesia – Read More –

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