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Members of the Blue Cottage team recently participated in the Technology Pavilion Exhibit at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo (HFS&E) in Chicago, Illinois. Team members Christine Stead and Chris Vishey had the opportunity to highlight the importance of population health as a vital lens by which to conduct planning for healthcare facilities.
The Technology Pavilion Exhibit at HFS&E explored the following population health areas:

An Introduction to Population Health
Honolulu County Population Health Study
Socio-economic Factors and Demographics Overview (Parts 1 – 3)
Access to Care
Chronic Disease Prevalence Trends
Demand Forecasting
Positioning for Outcomes-Based Reimbursement Models
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Today, I attended the 2012 International Facilities Design & Capacity Conference in Chicago, Illinois. The Children’s Hospital Association event brought together Blue Cottage partners and clients to present an educational session – “Don’t Take a Broken Process Into a New Building.”
Dorothy Foglia, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Director, Acute Care Services at Children’s Medical Center, Dallas, and Deborah Wesley, RN, MSN, Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer, Children’s of Alabama, covered the following objectives:

Understand lean tools that could be applied at a hospital
Learn the value of engaging front-line staff in operational planning
Understand why this process should – Read More –

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Each hour on LinkedIn Today several trending articles mention “wellness.” It is widely covered not only in healthcare news but also for retail, technology, marketing, and business sections. According to economic adviser and author Paul Zane Pilzer, wellness will be the next trillion dollar industry. An industry that would not be mutually exclusive to  hospital systems and insurance companies but employers, communities, and government as well.
That prediction came about in 2002. What will keep the wellness movement relevant long enough for it to actually make the public healthier? Recent news indicates it may take generations, but one thing – Read More –

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