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I recently had an opportunity to serve on a morning panel at the 6th Annual Interface Healthcare Real Estate Conference held in Dallas, Texas last week. The topic was “Assessing the State of the Market for Healthcare & Medical Office Real Estate,” and we had a very healthy discussion with a lot of agreement on some of the finer points about opportunities in healthcare real estate.
What struck me as I reflected on our discussion and also on the subsequent panels was the amount of enthusiasm that exists for the future of the healthcare real estate market. Especially when – Read More –

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If you are in the healthcare industry long enough, you begin to feel like you have “been there, done that.” But instead of finding this frustrating, it can be liberating and challenging and fun! It can provide opportunities to review history, apply new technologies, learnings, and approaches and make it better than it ever has been before. The repetition and cyclical nature of our industry gives us reason to recall, learn, adapt, and pull on what we have learned to keep moving forward. Yet it also provides some familiarity that helps us base our actions on research, metrics and trends.
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A few months ago, I was given a congratulatory card for my transition from the administrative side of a healthcare system, back to a consulting role as Executive Project Manager at Blue Cottage Consulting. The outside of the card reads “leap and the net will appear.” Inside is a note with words of encouragement for me taking on a new challenge with successful results.
It was perfect for the time, but it has also proven to be perfect from so many different angles. I say this because I keep reflecting on what is printed on the front of the card. – Read More –

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