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This blog is part of the Blue Cottage Knowledge Series “Back To School: How do you educate tomorrow’s healthcare leaders?” The lead contributor for the series is Juliet L. Rogers, PhD, MPH, CEO of Blue Cottage and tenure-track faculty member of the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. Click here to read other posts in this series. 

For the first week on my new job, I met more than 100 graduate students that upon graduation will disperse across the country and become embedded in organizations that will rely upon them to participate meaningfully in the most complex transformation that the – Read More –

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If you love a good challenge, there is no better time than right now to be a part of the healthcare industry. Several years ago, I founded Blue Cottage with confidence that together with a stellar team of passionate consultants, I could influence the delivery of healthcare and the patient experience in this country. How we deliver and pay for medical care, and the ways in which Americans think about health and healthcare, finally are receiving attention and bandwidth they deserve as highly and integrally important issues that affect the social, physical, and fiscal health of this country.
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Attending TEDMED has been on my bucket list for several years. I was selected as a delegate and last week, I packed my bags, headed to Washington, D.C., and jumped in.
The first evening featured Kishi Bashi, who graced the stage with a fantastic and inspiring violin performance that was unique, beautiful, and created a palpable connection between music and the work ahead at TEDMED. Using improvisational techniques, Kishi demonstrated the impact and the power of being able to be fully present. It was memorable and remarkable and wonderful way to open the event.
Immediately following that bold grand – Read More –

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