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Just outside of downtown Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Western Health is breaking new ground by taking a Lean-led approach to pre-design and conceptual design planning for the New Western Memorial Regional Hospital (NWMRH). Using the “Big Room” framework as the basis for the planning effort, Western Health embarked on a state-of-the-art approach to hospital facility planning that maximizes evidence based-design, opportunities for team interaction and collaboration, user buy-in and engagement and ownership, thought generation and innovation. With an eye on developing a healthcare system that functions as a whole, Western Health is striving to develop efficient, effective, and value driven solutions that aim – Read More –

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How many of you have walked by a medical clinic on, say, a Tuesday and had difficulty navigating your way through the hordes of people awaiting doctor’s appointments?  How many of you have walked by that same clinic on, say, a Friday only to find the waiting area is nearly empty?  What you’re witnessing could very well be symptomatic of an unleveled clinic schedule.  What is level loading and how can it create efficiencies in your hospital?
Level loading is a scheduling practice which uses volume estimates to determine the level of supply required to meet the demand of a – Read More –

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In February 2006, Cam Phibbs, a close family friend, loving husband and father, lost his life to cancer at the young age of 63.  Since then, the Cam Phibbs Memorial Golf Tournament not only pays tribute to his life and all he did for his community but also benefits the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario at Kingston General Hospital through the purchase of patient care equipment.
Cam Phibbs was a husband, father, and entrepreneur in the construction industry in Kingston, Ontario, Canada for over 35 years. He was a cornerstone of his industry, and his city, and gave back both – Read More –

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