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The recent bomb explosions that took place in Seaside Park, New Jersey, and the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York, immediately provided many people with reason for pause and feelings of great concern. The next day, Rebekah Gregory was scheduled to fly to Orlando to speak at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium Conference early that Monday morning. Although these bombings conjured up difficult memories for her, she pulled herself together and boarded a plane to Orlando.
The conference started as most do with check-in, review of event guides, schedules, catching up with colleagues at the networking breakfast, and heading to hear the keynote – Read More –

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Blue Cottage team members recently had the great opportunity to participate with several colleagues in a panel discussion for the Southeast Louisiana Healthcare Executives (SELA) Face-to-Face Program. SELA is a regional chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). Their program offered the opportunity for a spirited discussion among the senior executives and change management consulting experts who participated on the panel and moderated the event.
The panel included:

Stan Shelton, Senior Vice President, Planning, Development, and Construction for Woman’s Hospital
Paolo Zambito, Senior Vice President, Operations for Interim Louisiana State University Hospital (ILH)
Roxanne Butler, Senior Clinical – Read More –

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I was recently honored to speak to the incoming Master’s in Health Administration Class at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. The goal for the engagement was to provide insight into healthcare career opportunities by sharing my professional experience in improving operations and transition planning. The small class, with 15 or so students, provided an inviting setting for robust dialogue about the collaborative approaches, structure, tools, and strategies used to prepare an organization to transition to a new hospital campus. Our discussion touched on a variety of operational planning topics including:

The complex and strategic – Read More –

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