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Another great Healthcare Design Conference has come and gone, and one of my favorite moments was watching the keynote conversation between Dr. Roger Ulrich and Kirk Hamilton. Both Roger and Kirk have made lasting impacts on the world of healthcare architecture design and research. Listening to them recount the evolution of the healthcare architecture industry over the last three decades was fascinating and also made me smile at the memory and privilege of sitting in their respective classrooms at Texas A&M University. These two guys are definitely changemakers – and they once again underscored their future-focused, changemaking vision by discussing – Read More –

Imagine if you will, it is Saturday evening at about 7:00 pm when the trauma radio pipes up with an announcement:

“Class 1 trauma: 56 year old male involved in a roll over motor vehicle crash, ejected from the vehicle, has a left leg deformity,” says the dispatcher. “Blood pressure is 86/48, heart rate 128. Patient was unconscious at the scene and intubated. ETA via air ambulance is 10 minutes.”
The trauma team mobilizes and prepares for the patient’s arrival. Simultaneous notification for all players on the trauma team sets activities in motion: the OR preps a room, anesthesia – Read More –

Two of our clients are fast approaching their opening days. Both the new Parkland Hospital in Dallas and University Medical Center New Orleans are working fast and furious to get ready for patient day one in their new spaces, and we couldn’t be more honored to be by their sides for this very important transition.
We wanted to commemorate the significance of the transition into new space for both hospitals by honoring the space they are in now – their current hospital buildings.
These spaces they are leaving have been home to many stories of courage, dedication, life, healing, passing, – Read More –