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Another great Healthcare Design Conference has come and gone, and one of my favorite moments was watching the keynote conversation between Dr. Roger Ulrich and Kirk Hamilton. Both Roger and Kirk have made lasting impacts on the world of healthcare architecture design and research. Listening to them recount the evolution of the healthcare architecture industry over the last three decades was fascinating and also made me smile at the memory and privilege of sitting in their respective classrooms at Texas A&M University. These two guys are definitely changemakers – and they once again underscored their future-focused, changemaking vision by discussing – Read More –

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“Breaking down the silos” was a phrase I heard a lot of throughout my Health Management and Policy graduate program. It refers to the absence of communication and collaboration across groups in an organization. Inherently, a counterintuitive habit that may temporarily benefit one group but ultimately stunts the success of the organization. It was my cohort’s neology — we spoke frequently and passionately about ways in which we could “break down the silos” as a means to improving operational efficiencies and quality of care in hospitals.
That was about five years ago. More recently, I found myself engrossed in several – Read More –

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