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If you are in the healthcare industry long enough, you begin to feel like you have “been there, done that.” But instead of finding this frustrating, it can be liberating and challenging and fun! It can provide opportunities to review history, apply new technologies, learnings, and approaches and make it better than it ever has been before. The repetition and cyclical nature of our industry gives us reason to recall, learn, adapt, and pull on what we have learned to keep moving forward. Yet it also provides some familiarity that helps us base our actions on research, metrics and trends.
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Each hour on LinkedIn Today several trending articles mention “wellness.” It is widely covered not only in healthcare news but also for retail, technology, marketing, and business sections. According to economic adviser and author Paul Zane Pilzer, wellness will be the next trillion dollar industry. An industry that would not be mutually exclusive to  hospital systems and insurance companies but employers, communities, and government as well.
That prediction came about in 2002. What will keep the wellness movement relevant long enough for it to actually make the public healthier? Recent news indicates it may take generations, but one thing – Read More –

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