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In order to truly transform healthcare, we must invest in preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals to deal with the challenges that the industry currently faces. It is important that students have an opportunity outside the classroom to apply their knowledge, learn to work under pressure and think through a range of complex issues. In an effort to further its mission and to continue to create change, Blue Cottage Consulting, Griffith Leadership Center in Healthcare Management & Policy, and University Of Michigan School Of Public Health (UMSPH), recently took part in the inaugural Health Management and Policy Case Competition.
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If you are in the healthcare industry long enough, you begin to feel like you have “been there, done that.” But instead of finding this frustrating, it can be liberating and challenging and fun! It can provide opportunities to review history, apply new technologies, learnings, and approaches and make it better than it ever has been before. The repetition and cyclical nature of our industry gives us reason to recall, learn, adapt, and pull on what we have learned to keep moving forward. Yet it also provides some familiarity that helps us base our actions on research, metrics and trends.
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Starting a new job is never the most comfortable thing you can do. There are new people to collaborate with, new processes to learn, different ways of accomplishing tasks and even a different standard of work. I assumed that joining Blue Cottage would be the same as beginning any other job, a bit uncomfortable at times until I got used to it. However, after my first conference call, I found the exact opposite to be true. I was introduced as a new intern during the call and within five-minutes of hanging up, I had welcome e-mails in my inbox and – Read More –

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