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Blue Cottage team members recently had the opportunity to share some of the latest tools and best practices used by healthcare consultants with the University of Michigan Women in Healthcare Leadership (WiHL) organization. The three-part workshop series focused on how the following tools spark conversation, lead to idea generation, develop perspective and point of view, and are easy to understand and use:

Fishbone Diagrams
A3 Summaries
Process Mapping

Fishbone Diagrams
The workshop series kicked off with Kelly A. Saran presenting an interactive introduction to the many uses of the “Fishbone Diagram” (aka “Ishikawa Diagram”), a process – Read More –

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There is a famous Chinese proverb that states, “If you want happiness for a lifetime – help the next generation.”
As a healthcare industry leader with a futurist mentality, Blue Cottage Consulting’s President & CEO, Juliet Rogers places great importance on cultivating such relationships. Just last week, the University of Michigan Health Management and Policy alumni of Blue Cottage Consulting hosted a networking reception for the Women in Health Leadership (WiHL) in our Ann Arbor office. It was an opportunity for some of the University of Michigan’s most promising students to gain insight into the world of healthcare management.
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